How to market your local business online

Starting your own business without a clue on how marketing works? Worry not – it’s a fairly intuitive procedure and you should be able to learn the ropes without too much trouble.

Of course, you won’t go and become an expert marketer overnight, but with a little reading, you’ll be able to give your business the kind of exposure necessary to attract new clients on a regular basis.

Here’s an overview of some good ways to market your local business online, but remember: marketing is all about creativity, and you should never hesitate to refine existing methods and come up with new ones.

Google advertisement: The father of all search engines, Google offers businesses a quick and easy way to gain more exposure in the form of paid-for ads. Everyone uses Google, so there should be no concerns about being seen. The details, however, make all the difference: for starters, if using Google ads, make sure that your campaign targets the correct searches – getting this right can translate to dozens or even hundreds of more visitors on a monthly basis. Also, pay some thought to the costs associated with this method: Google charges business owners per click, meaning you’ll pay even if a person immediately leaves your site – to make the best use of these ads, be sure to monitor conversions closely.

Facebook advertisement: Another big ads provider, Facebook’s thing is a little different: instead of charging for each click, Facebook makes you pay for a certain amount of impressions a.k.a. views. As imprudent as paying for ad views sounds, Facebook makes it work – with the 1000 impressions included in the most common package, you’re sure to spread your name a bit more regardless of the line of work you’re in. Again, fine-tuning your campaign to a specific demographic to get the most out of your investment is a necessity, but Facebook makes it a lot easier than Google does while also charging less on an overall basis.

Yelp: The biggest and baddest review site on the internet is many a business owner’s nightmare, but it can also be made to work in your favor. For starters, Yelp offers highly-effective advertisement that gives you top ranking on their own search index as well as exposure on the business pages of your direct competitors. That’s right: while reading the competition’s reviews, potential customers will be encouraged to check out your business. It’s a pretty neat thing to have, although Yelp advertising costs can quickly rack up. There’s also something to be said about the reviews themselves: if you can put in a little work into getting more reviews, the effort can pay off more than any paid advertising campaign would.

Coupons, groupons: People love a bargain, and you can count on getting more popular in your area by offering some attractive coupons for your clients through the appropriate sites. Be careful, however: too much couponing might make you seem desperate for clients, so discount just enough to get people’s attention without feeling as if you’re working for free.